We are so excited that you have joined us today. Mo Technologies will be ushering in a new era for all GIG workers. Today we are creating, funding, investing, supporting drivers, their families and our local communities. By donating your support today it will ensure that it goes directly to funding their future. Thank you and Godbless


Creating Applications to Unify Our Modern World



On the Mo Express platform, we make sure your travel experience is exciting, fun, pleasurable, and safe. Our driver-partners are professionals that take pride in getting you to your destination on time in style with a pinch of pizzazz.
Private Limo

Mo. Rydes provides professional and highly qualified modes of luxury transportation services. With a fleet ranging from executive town cars to luxury suv's. Get a luxury limo anywhere with the tap of a button.
Party Bus

Mo Rydes Provides party buses for large groups and major events (i.e. weddings, concerts, conferences). Including long distance casinos, PGA events & luxury spa retreats.
Sprinter Vans

Mo Rydes provides sprinter vans for large groups and major events (i.e. All-star weekend, super bowls, weddings, concerts, conferences). Including long distance casinos, PGA events & luxury spa retreats.
Shuttle Bus

Mo Rydes provides shuttle vans, passenger vans for large groups and major events (i.e. Airport express shuttles, school field trips, weddings, music concerts, hotel conferences). Including long distance casinos, PGA events & luxury spa retreats.
Motor Coach

Mo Rydes provides motor coaches for large groups and major events (i.e. Music concerts, film production, artist transportation, church events,, international conferences). Including long distance casinos, PGA events & luxury spa retreats.
24/7 Food Kichen

Mo Kitchens Specializing in a range of ethnic and cultural foods from local vendors partners using fresh locally sourced foods. From streetcars, food trucks, mom & pops, and mobile bbq grill trucks.
Food Delivery

At Mo Eatz, we take pleasure in providing quality foods to our customers. From our trusted restaurant partners and top-tier catering partners. Not only do we promptly deliver your food, we only partner with vendors who believe in wholesome quality foods.
Package Delivery

The Mo Delivery platform incorporates quality, integrity, dedication, and strong community values with every delivery driver-partners on the platform.
Which allows the Mo Delivery platform to guarantee a high-quality delivery service experience to the community.

Mo Events provides the perfect platform to make dreams come true. Mo Events uses its connected network resources to make the perfect event. Mo Events utilizes the ability to provide logistics, logging, catering, venues, and many more options.

The Mo Hotels platform will provide the ultimate hotel experience. Allowing customers to have more access to beautiful beach destinations, exoctic locations, all inclusive resorts, tropical excursion, and many more.

Mo Flights is the next wave of quality services at your finger tips. Mo Flights provides it customers with unlimited destination with just a click. Luxury airplane services at the finest level, with connected resources to complete any itinerary.
House Rentals

At Mo Hotels, customers will have full access to luxury home rentals, condos, and inter-costal homes. Townhomes near balls parks & stadiums, golf courses, international & domestic retreats.
Vehicle Rentals

The Mo Motors platform will expand logistical options for users and drivers. Providing dependable vehicles for drivers to earn a living and also users on the Mo platforms to have the option to drive instead of ride.
Digital Streaming

Mo Muzik will deliver the ultimate musical experience in all aspects. From streaming music to artist management, live concert events to album distribution. Mo Muzik will allow users to fully connect with their favorite music artist, bands, and genres.

ESTD 2020

Mo Drivers United



Welcome to Mo Drivers United,  a platform where drivers have a voice.  A platform where drivers have control over their financial portfolios.  A platform where drivers stand together, drive together and earn together.


Mo Drivers United is a driver only share-holding company.  Its priority is to the Drivers & Owner- Operators on the platform.


Allowing its driver partners, and only its driver partners to manage the platform's unified objectives.


Life insurance
Drivers on the Mo United platform will have the option to enroll into 50K life insurance program. Ensuring that if anything happens to the driver, their families will be financially protected.
Unemployment insurance
Mo Drivers United will be offering unemployment insuranse to drivers who choose the W2 (employee) tax option. This option will help ensure that the drivers will have financial backup if in the future another shut down.
Healthcare insurance
Being healthy is one of the most important priorities on the Mo platform. Giving drivers who dont have health insurance the ability to be proactive with health wellness.
The 401K option will also be available to drivers who choose the W2 (employee) tax option. Mo Drivers United platform always promotes saving for our future. Planning for the unexpected and retirement is priceless.
Dental & Vison
Drivers will also have the option to enroll in our dental & vison programs. Helping drivers to see clearly on the roads and having the ability to have great dental hygiene.
Stock options
Every driver on the Mo Drivers United platform will access to owning shares of the company. Once prerequisites have been completed, drivers will recieve shares and also access to re-invest for more shares. Ensuring that when the company does well, the drivers get a slice of the profits.



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